Briggs Houston is a Long Island-based photographer with over a decade of experience in the field. His journey in photography started unintentionally at the age of 15, when he purchased his first camera to take headshots of his friends. He soon found himself being asked to photograph various events, including sweet sixteens and even a wedding.

Briggs has a deep passion for portrait photography, as he enjoys getting to know his subjects on a personal level and capturing their unique essence through his camera lens. Additionally, his experience as a restaurant manager for almost as long as he's been taking photos has allowed him to specialize in food and cocktail photography, with an acute understanding of what consumers find appealing in such imagery.

What distinguishes Briggs' photography is his remarkable ability to find beauty in the everyday, resulting in images that evoke strong emotional connections. Over the years, he has transformed his hobby into a serious pursuit, continuously learning and evolving as a photographer.

When not behind the camera, Briggs can be found playing guitar or spending time with his Australian Shepherd, Gibson. He believes that his photographs convey a message of authenticity and connection, whether he's capturing a portrait or a culinary scene.


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