Food & Cocktail Shoots

Showcase your culinary creations with our professional food and cocktail photography services. Perfect for restaurants, bars, and other venues, professional images elevate your menu, social media presence, and marketing materials.

Expertise in Food & Beverage Photography

With over ten years of experience working from Area Manager of a national food franchise to Restaurant Manager in the Hamptons, Briggs has the unique insight and understanding of what clients need to make their offerings stand out.

Styling and Props

To enhance the visual appeal of your food and cocktail photographs, Briggs offers styling services. If given a heads up on the ingredients in your cocktails, he can provide props for an additional fee. Alternatively, he can utilize extra ingredients available at your restaurant at no extra cost.

On-location Shoots

Briggs brings the photography studio to you, capturing your food and beverages on-site at your restaurant, bar, or venue with professional equipment.

Shoot Duration & Deliverables

Each shoot takes approximately 30 minutes per menu item, ensuring ample time to capture the perfect image. For more information on the number of images clients can expect to receive, please visit the Pricing Page.

To book a food and cocktail photography session or inquire further about the services, please visit the Contact Page.

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